Paolo Colonnello

  • Cargo: CEO
  • Organización: Blue Company
  • Website:
  • LinkeIn: colonnello

Passionate about user driven content creation and community building. Co-founder of Blue Company, creators of

Bligoo is the largest Latin American metacommunity. It is the platform where people behind one dream, can work online to make it happen offline. Bligoo hold thousands of communities from a very different range of topics such as social change, ecology, entertainment, sports, education, innovation or technology.

Paolo Colonnello en OMB

Tecnología de la Información y ventaja competitiva
July 31, 2007
  A este desayuno asistieron Raúl Ciudad, Gerente General de COASIN y presidente de ACTI; Paolo Colonello Gerente General de…
Paolo Colonnello, extracto de “tecnologías de la información”
July 30, 2007
  extracto de la participación de Paolo Colonello Gerente General de BLUE COMPANY